Sales, Marketing & Revenue management

EHC aims at developing an integrative framework of hotel revenue management. It elaborates the fundamental theoretical concepts in the field of hotel revenue management like the revenue management system, process, metrics, analysis, forecasting, segmentation and profiling, and ethical issues. Special attention is paid on the pricing and non-pricing revenue management tools used by hoteliers to maximise their revenues and gross operating profit. EHC AIMS the revenue management practices of accommodation establishments and provides recommendations for their improvement by selling the right product to the right customer at the right  time for the right price.

Developing a successful marketing budget for years ahead.

Organizing a reviewing the marketing collateral

Reviewing your website and online marketing. Digital marketing materials are written and designed to attract your customers. EHC will assist in talking to some of your customers nd why they chose to buy from you and what are the areas you are lacking behind and prioritizing the issues and identifying and develop an approach to tackle them in by making plans for content or inbound marketing social media or account development.