Operations and Food & Beverage

Menu planning is the essence and core of EHC. Eleganz hotels consultants are obsessive  for food and beverages. Consultants always crave for creating new magic with their culinary expertise .we specialize in creating magic with food ingredients keeping in mind the concept of the outlet, we are eager to help revive sinking food and beverages units with our culinary expertise to ensure they turn out to be profitable ventures for the investors.

We focus on

  • Menu development
  • Market analysis for food and beverages
  • Planning menus as per the concept
  • Food designing for new and existing menu’s
  • Menu specifications

We manage our budget hotels on management contract as well as hospitality consultant or hotel consultant.

  •  Operational Management Review
  • Forecasting and Financial Processes
  •  Customer Service Training
  • Food & Beverage Concept Development
  •  Menu Development
  •  Food & Beverage, Energy and Other Cost Management