About Our Consultants

Eleganz Hotel Consultants (EHC) a London based organization consulting firm providing specialist sales, marketing & revenue solutions for the hospitality industry. With experienced management and a dedicated approach to consulting projects, EHC is able to offer a better quality, economic and tailor made service to its customers. We manage our budget hotels on management contract as well as hospitality consultant or hotel consultant.

Eleganz Hotel Consultants Limited will be focusing primarily on start- up businesses, in the early stages and small and midsized budget hotels considering to sub contract their services. EHC will aim to establish a relationship with a younger operation and ontinue to nurture that relationship over the long term.

EHC provides a comprehensive range of advisory and support services to the Hotel nd hospitality sectors. EHC offers a list of services for business owners to choose from, depending on their particular business needs. This includes; business strategy and development, Sales, Marketing including Digital, Revenue Solutions, IT and Operations. 

Our Services

Business Strategy & Development

EHC consultants are the leaders in the field of Hospitality Consultancy as Hospitality Consultants and Hotel Consultants. Our team of Hospitality Consultants provides you with details on each and every aspect of hospitality industry be it conceptualising the hospitality business, feasibility report, planning, overseeing execution of your project or even managing your hospitality venture to make maximum utilisation of available resources to yield high profits from venture.

Sales, Marketing & Revenue management

EHC aims at developing an integrative framework of hotel revenue management. It elaborates the fundamental theoretical concepts in the field of hotel revenue management like the revenue management system, process, metrics, analysis, forecasting, segmentation and profiling, and ethical issues. Special attention is paid on the pricing and non-pricing revenue management tools used by hoteliers to maximize their revenues and gross operating profit.

Operations and Food & Beverage

EHC Consultants are a gathering of specific Hotel Industry experts who have an extreme and ardent enthusiasm for their work, who accompany their own particular extraordinary specialisations, mark esteem and encounters all bundled to provide Operations and Food & Beverages  your prerequisites inside the pertinent Hospitality Solutions circle. They have made a speciality in their picked specific field, indented up some encouraging and testing.

Other Services


Construction & Refurbishment

Eleganz hotel consultants a London based organization built up with the involvement in development has been giving administrations to its profitable clients to enhance their properties in the field of hospitality Industry, commercial and residential properties as well.The organization represents considerable authority in space change and augmentations in spite of the fact that a more extensive scope of building administrations are given by us. 

Hotel staff standing in foyer, portrait

Employment Services

The most huge and imperative element of effective association is worker. We comprehend your logic towards HR and guarantee we give you an asset which has right aptitude set to fragrance the errand allocated. we know about the way that to hold a human asset is a troublesome as to locate a privilege. Also, to encourage this we EHC have built up an advancement program for all levels of association.

Our Works